About Us

Omiga Medical Company Limited which was founded in Wenlin County Xing’an Province Vietnam in 2010, is a professional manufacturer of infusion tube, scalp acupuncture, urine bag, nasal oxygen tube and other medical supplies with 80 employees.

The company's workshops, which covers an area of 1800 square meters,is equipped with advanced production & inspection instruments and has attracted a group of expertise and technical personnel to join in, which makes it possible to realize the 100,000 purification production. Still, the company conducts active participation in international cooperation and competition, and has opened up Vietnam market quickly for its reliable quality.

In order to make each product to meet customers’ requirements, the company has established a perfect quality management system according to the ISO standards .The production process are strictly monitored and scientifically managed striving for perfect. The company has passed ISO13485 standard test. At present, it is preparing to increase investment to enlarge the production scale.

The company has a rich and solid cultural foundation and background . Focusing on the introduction and cultivation of talents, it has built up a professional & younger production management and sales team holding both ability and political integrity. Besides,the company will gradually export through culture and management to achieve international influence & expansion and to establish the company's leading position in the industry in the future.